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About Us

SBC Technology is a swiss-based FinTech company that forms part of SwissBloc Capital AG’s group of innovative payment and travel solution-driven businesses.

SBC Technology combines extensive industry experience with specialised expertise in finance, technology, operations and security to deliver an advanced white label crypto platform.

The platform encompasses a range of flexible technology tools that impact bottom-line, reduce risk and optimize operational efficiency.

White-Label Products

Block Explorer

Launch a web-based blockchain explorer to track and search by address, transaction hash, block no. or block hash.

Smart Dashboard

Increase productivity and tighten control with an advanced admin panel.

Mobile native multi-asset wallet

A fully branded wallet to store, send and receive digital currencies (cryptocurrencies and tokens). Suitable for both Android and IOS operating systems.

Web-based multi-asset wallet

Store and manage digital currencies with ease via a sophisticated web interface.

Token Purchase &
Redemption Platform

A fully branded web-based platform enabling the purchase and redemption of tokens.


A fully branded client side exchange for either total self management of token exchanges or centralized control of an exchange.


Martin Beck
Co-Founder Chairman

Martin has accumulated over 15 years experience as a professional fund manager and financial services executive. His expertise in international banking, portfolio management, structured products and the Fx industry, places him among the leading consultants across these fields in Europe and the world. Formerly, Martin held the position of Senior Manager at UBS, a major universal bank in Switzerland and is currently CEO of an independent international asset management company which is also based in Switzerland.

Henry Xu
Founder, Partner and Member of the board

Henry is a qualified senior manager, certified by dual-degrees in economics and software engineering from the universities of Tsinghua (China) and Colorado (US). He holds over 20 years experience in security and options-investments and over his career has developed specialised knowledge in online ERP systems, data mining, e-commerce and blockchain technology.

Bruce Parker
Co-Founder and Member of the board

Holding more than 25 years experience, Bruce is recognised as one of the most influential and respected tech visionaries in the electronic payments industry. Some of his more notable career accolades include his role as CFO for QSI Payments (purchased by MasterCard) where he managed commercial viability and business strategy and more recently as CFO for Ipay Options, a payments technology company which has developed a number of successful payment and FX platforms.

Graham Newall
Co-founder and Member of the board

An esteemed leader in the industry, Graham has more than 40 years experience, spanning across banking, finance, futures and structured derivatives, foreign exchange and payments. Previously, he has held senior management positions at Banker's Trust, Grindlays Bank and Capel Court Investment Bank. More recently, as Global Head of Futures and Derivatives at Barclays de Zoete Wedd followed then by Barclays Capital, Graham developed a global execution and clearing business for Barclays Bank, a British multinational investment bank and financial services company with offices spanning 10 countries.

Anthoney Jayasekera

With over 15 years experience working in the travel industry, Anthoney is recognised as a pre-eminent digital marketing and online distribution specialist. To date, he has held coveted roles spearheading comprehensive digital strategy for large multinational hotel chains throughout the Asia Pacific, including Minor Hotels, Crown Melbourne and Aitken Spence Hotels. Anthoney’s focus remains on driving revenue and customer acquisition, improving customer experience and sustaining competitive advantage through the implementation of an effective digital technology strategy.

José Pena
Strategic Analyst

As compliance officer in one of Switzerland's leading wealth management companies, José is responsible for ensuring compliance with laws, regulations, policies and contracts. His ability to work efficiently in in agile environments, analyse and document functional processes and provide expert and well-informed advise on projects, allows him to drive greater business value.

Monika Buchser

As a former head of marketing for tourist attractions in Switzerland and member of various hotel management teams, Monika is an extremely professional and highly experienced customer relations and client services executive who is committed to delivering exceptional business outcomes.

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